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Most computer accessory these days wants to be different. However, most computer products are largely similar, from keyboards and mice to headsets. So, how are they differentiated? By its software. Every company these days offers peripheral software that you use to download drivers and adjust the settings. Logitech Gaming Software is a utility program allowing Logitech customers to customize their G gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, speakers, and select wheels. It’s not necessarily the most inspired app name, but it’s the way to go when you want to get the most out of your Logitech devices. 

Software Features and Benefits

Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) is a standalone app. It runs in the background, with low demands for resources, letting you get on with what you are doing while it does its job. And what does it do? It dramatically simplifies the process of setting up and personalizing your Logitech devices to make your gaming experience better. 

With the app, you can create custom macros, commands, and bindings assigned to profiles that are either user-defined or associated with specific games. It also supplies default profiles for various video games, including League of LegendsCall of Duty Black Ops 4, Destiny 2, and Fortnite. Each of the profiles is entirely customizable, giving you the freedom to tweak it to suit your gaming preference. LGS can also automatically detect the game you are playing and switch to the appropriate profile seamlessly.

Additionally, LGS allows DPI sensitivity tweaking, RGB fine-tuning for devices with backlighting, and monitoring information, such as battery status. It also has a keypress and key duration heat map function, which monitors the frequency at which keys are pressed and for how long.

Software Caveats

Logitech Gaming Software is a great tool to have if you want better gaming. It offers features that are handy for gamers, including the ability to copy an app profile and a GUI of hardware you are working with. But there are some problems that you might want to consider before downloading. 

For one, even though the app installs the extension, .kext files, the app needs to be running all the time. Otherwise, your custom mouse button will stop working. There are also no acceleration controls, just DPI and polling speed. The software can also be confusing at times, especially if you are creating a new profile. Double-clicking on a button will also change all other buttons with the same key combination. The colors you can pick for your mouse are also limited, with only seven of them to choose from. More, they’re pre-set, so you can’t choose to add your own. If you want to return to the default settings, you need to wait for a while as there is a workaround to do this.

Still a Good Investment

Logitech Gaming Software isn’t a perfect application, but is it worth downloading? Well, it all boils down to the app’s ability to personalize your peripherals for a particular game and change the settings on the fly. When you want a specific setting for every game, the app enables you to do that.  If you are a hardcore gamer and you want to make your playtime even better, then this app is a good investment despite the few drawbacks.


  • Gives you better control of your hardware
  • Allows you to personalize profiles for every game
  • Allows you to change settings on the fly
  • Comes with key press and key duration heat map


  • Lacks acceleration controls
  • Setting up new profiles can be confusing
  • There is a workaround to return all profile to the default setting
  • Only useful to Logitech devices

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Logitech Gaming Software for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 9.02.65
  • 3
  • (162)
  • Security Status

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